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picture-3_1-1[“The No. 1 problem of the industry is that we have too many crappy agents,” Rob Hahn tells Vendor Alley’s Greg Robertson in the fourth episode of Listing Bits. “Bottom line, the problem is we have far too many people helping consumers buy and sell real estate who have no business helping people buy and sell real estate.”]

I agree! It is true that one of the biggest challenges a brokerage like ours faces is the daily interaction with incompetent agents. There I said it. I’m not accusing all agents of being crappy, but there are some of them who are giving the rest of you a bad name! When the cooperating agent lacks basic contract fundamentals, it can be infuriating to our trained Realtors that they have to become the contract coach in a transaction and do the work of the other agent, as well as their own. You would be shocked how many agents in the industry believe that they have an enforceable contract when the original offer clearly expired before an acceptance and delivery… shameful.

Luckily our brokerage does understand that coaching the less educated agent through the process is actually protecting our client’s interest and that doing so far outweighs any animosity. It is still frustrating. How is it that these agents continue to exist? How can we as an industry get better?

To me the answer is simple; Individual Brokerages must have expectations of their agents. Not the production ones, but the client service ones; the ones that bind or ratify the client’s real estate interests and in some cases, not. Brokerages must review their contracts in earnest for risk and train accordingly; in some extreme instances release repeat offenders as the risk to the Client, the Agent and the Brokerage is too great. The courts are filled with contract litigation. We are fortunate at our brokerage to have a sound understanding of risk and how to mitigate it, but like most things, it’s a tough hill to climb.



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