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[Current zoning laws prohibit tiny houses in Atlanta, but a new proposed piece of legislation could change that.  TONY GUTIERREZ / ASSOCIATED PRESS ]

Tiny is definitely a relative term and for this purpose homes under 800 square feet will apply.  Atlanta has a zoning requirement designed to prohibit these contemporary styles, apparently to keep adjacent home values from decreasing… The proposal takes this differing square footage into account and promotes these tiny ones only in duplex approved territories.

That is now being challenged by a City Council member in an attempt to supply affordable housing and to ride an emerging tiny home trend (a favorite of the much discussed Millennial).   I can see where these hobbit houses could degrade the value of the neighbor’s mcmansion.

Tough to say which is the right way to go, but I tend to favor tiny homes for their compact affordability and utility.

I feel other beneficial uses would be the Grandma House. Build a tiny home in your backyard so that family member, who requires additional care, can be nearby and still maintain some freedom or Airbnb that tiny one.

However you look at it, there is sure to be discord but this diminishing square footage,higher quality, trend has been around for over a decade now. It has just now gained its foothold.

The real question is “How many cars can I fit into the garage?”

Inspiration: http://news.wabe.org/post/new-legislation-could-bring-tiny-houses-atlanta

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