Again thank you for making our lives less hectic…

Jim Cameron


Tony James

To The Tony James Group,

Too often, we experience less than desired services from businesses and we tell all of our family and friends. Well, I wanted to take a minute to share my more than expected experience and tell all of my family and friends! The service we received during our relocation from the Tony James Group was exceptional and above ordinary– you were always accessible, pleasant and eager to accommodate our needs! We truly appreciate everything you did to help us during our relocation and hope you will share our story with potential clients.

My husband Gregory and I were referred to the Tony James Group by a very close friend of ours. During our initial contact, we were greeted with professionalism and personalized service that seems to be rare in most settings. We provided the details of our needs, which were not complicated however, we currently lived 90 minutes outside of Atlanta” our moving timeframe was very short and we were expecting our first child. Tony and Penny recognized the importance of our needs and quickly began searching for homes that would accommodate our family.

We cannot express enough how much it means to us that we were treated as a priority to the Tony James Group. With just a few weeks before the arrival of our first child, we are comfortably settled into our home and can focus more on are new little blessing. 

What we are most impressed with is the ease of doing business, prompt communication and simplicity of the process. I often brag to all of our family and friends of the great service we received and have already been able to refer a close friend to contact you. 

Again, thank you for making our lives less hectic and uncomplicated during our move to Atlanta — two thumbs up to you!! We could not be more pleased!