He understands homes, from top to bottom…

Jim Cameron

David Garrison

David Garrison

I couldn’t have asked for a better Realtor.  Through the process of finding me the right home, we went under contract three times.  One the first home, the price David negotiated was great, but I decided to walk away due to inspection findings.  David understood, and supported my decision and we promptly began searching again.

David was also able to negotiate an incredible price for the second home. I sunk about $1000 into due diligence on this home, only to have the seller catch me off guard by terminating the contract unexpectedly (within their contractual rights within the Fannie Mae contract addendum).  This would have normally meant that I was out my $1000 for this due diligence (appraisal, inspection, and additional testing), because the seller was protected by the contract.  David nor I did not like the fact that the seller pulled this, so David went to bat for me.  This included him modifying the termination agreement before he allowed me to sign it stating that the money I had spent would be reimbursed (by the seller). I’m sure it included other string pulling too, but no more than three weeks later, I had the earnest money in my hand and the full reimbursement for my due diligence expenses in my hands! This is unheard of! 

As we began my search again, David took me to see a home that was not yet on the market!  The home is exactly what I described on the first day I met with him about my purchase.  He already knew the seller was hoping for a price that was within my price point (but it was also well below market value).  Because of David’s contacts, I was able to avoid the competition of the market and was able to close on this home that met all of my original criteria at an unbelievable price.

A few more notes about David: 

  • I never felt any pressure to go through with a deal that I wasn’t comfortable with.    
  • David’s negotiation skillsets and strategies made me feel comfortable and got great results each time. 
  • David was more than professional (one example is that he would text if he was running even five minutes late, which happened rarely). 
  • Now that I’m a homeowner, David seems to have unlimited resources when it comes to contractors and he is still willing to help out. 
  • He understands homes, from top to bottom. 
  • He is extremely responsive. 
What else could you want in a Realtor?