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blueprint-2Most of us want and enjoy bright, shiny and new, free of imperfections and smooth. When buying new stuff we look closely look for these traits and balk when not found. Furniture, clothing and cars fall into this examination, but today let’s talk about houses.

Unlike cars that are designed to be punched at 300,000 units, new homes are mostly one-offs and in subdivisions maybe up to 60 -100. (I realize there are tracts in the 100s, but those don’t help my article) When you produce a car over and over to very strict specifications you tend to get a quality product.

This may be a good spot to talk about quality. In my world quality is directly related to specifications. In other words whatever you agreed to in the specs when you purchase is a quality product if it meets the specs you agreed to, but that’s just me. Workmanship plays into this, but that’s another issue entirely

New home builders, particularly one-offs or infills, build to their specs unless you have agreed to variances. Simple, right? The problems arise with the specifications are vague. Let me give you a basic example. I want the downstairs bath tiled with white tile.

-Spec: Builder agrees to tile downstairs bathroom with white tile- You can see where this is going… Upon delivery the bath is tiled with white tile. The tile is 1”x1”, slightly off-white with black grout. I envisioned subway tile, bright white and white grout! Did the builder deliver a quality product? Boom! Extreme, but one could argue he did and I let him.

So my fine people, when you are buying a new construction be sure your Realtor is helping with the specifics.

There’s a form for that!


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