Realtors are Buffers

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In a world of instant and virtual gratification, why should you use a Realtor to guide you through a real estate transaction…

Realtors operate a higher level

First, not all Real Estate Agents are Realtors. A Realtor adheres to a higher standard of performance and ethics. They do this by paying to belong to the most important professional organization in our industry, the National Association of Realtors. Most people are unaware that the term “Realtor” is a trademarked item and can only be used by the Association’s members. Realtors have your back.

Education and Experience

The majority of clients are not tuned into every little nuance in the buying, selling and marketing of Real Estate, nor should they be when working with a real estate professional. Realtors are required to many acquire hours of Continuing Education in a given year the same way as your lawyer and medical professionals. At Origins we required further education on pricing, negotiating and contract mechanics which is taught internally. Realtors who have practiced their trade for a while have the “been there – done that” experience you will need to navigate the complexities of  a modern property transaction.

Realtors are Buffers

Realtors remove the noise  from your property transaction. If you are a buyer of a new home, your Realtor will whip out her sword and keep the builder’s Agent at bay, preventing them from biting or nipping at your wallet. Likewise, an experienced Realtor will filter out all of the emotion that can be present in these high stakes negotiations leaving only the facts for your review.

Neighborhood Knowledge

Realtors possess intimate knowledge about neighborhoods including yours. In larger metropolitan areas like Atlanta this knowledge is invaluable as values can vary by as much as 30% just by crossing a street.

Price Guidance

Contrary to what some people believe, Realtors do not select prices for sellers or buyers. The market determines the price… Although many online portals can get you in the price range, it is the Realtor that will hone in on the right selling range and then a list price that will produce the quickest result.

Professional Networking

Realtors network with other professionals and trades, many of whom provide services that you will need to buy or sell and need after the sale.

Negotiation Skills & Confidentiality

Top producing Realtors negotiate well because, unlike most buyers and sellers, they can remove themselves from the emotional aspects of the transaction and because they are highly skilled. The home inspection process alone can wreck a transaction if not planned and executed properly. At Origins we are explicitly trained on Inspections, Contract Mechanics and Fluid Negotiating styles. It’s part of our job description. Ultimately you will sell your home at a net higher value or get the lowest
price when buying when you use a Realtor.

Add a Realtor to your professional team when transacting Real Estate; you’ll be glad you did!



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