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By: Jesse Budlong

As we move through another Atlanta Winter, it is obvious to us in the industry that the lack of housing inventory will continue to raise prices in the most desirable areas. This is the message your many Realtor friends will be waving from banners as we navigate the inevitable Spring “use me to sell your home” marketing.

The message is solid; 2017 is the time to sell your home. With the new administration struggling through their transition, any change in current demand appears to be (if at all) in the distant future.  Colleagues privately agree that the new administration seems to have induced a Seller paralysis unlike any we have ever seen. The local consensus is that as politics normalize Sellers will once again regain use of single-family downsizing, upsizing,


Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

relocation, etc..

Like most of the country, Atlanta’s lag in building permits are still below historical averages, think “Supply & Demand”. March tells the story. Historically, the number of listings hitting the market in March is an indicator of how the rest of the year will play out. So, is this a good time to sell your home? You bet! Particularly if you are moving out of the city of Atlanta to a more rural area where prices are still below the urban boom.

Is this a good time to buy a home…    for now. Data shows prices will continue to rise and as a result desirable gentrification will expand. We will see!


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