Kay Davies

Local Realtor

[email protected]
DeKalb Association of Realtors
Property Management


I entered the real estate industry because it has always been a passion and dream of mine to be in this field. Aside from my love of working with people I also want to help them with the dream of home ownership, especially first time home buyers. I remember how I felt when purchasing my first home and what an accomplishment that made me feel. I also remember the pleasurable and secure experience with my Realtor. Now I get to do the same for my clients.

I can help you with that ownership dream whether it is your first home or your 100th investment. ┬áDiscover what true representative feels like. I’d love to work with you and “show you around the town” .

Call me:
Kay , Kay-Kay
I was born in:
I speak:
English (not broken English), Spanglish
Three words that describe me:
Energetic, Lively, Captivating
First job:
Greatest achievement:
Moving to a new City all by myself with almost nothing
Secret ability:
Bringing People together, Making people Laugh
Ideal day:
Brunching outdoors with my favorite people followed by festivals
Favorite movie:
Music From Another Room
Inspired by:
My Mum. She is one of the most hard working woman I know.
Why Origins:
I just knew even before I decided to get into real estate that Origins was pretty special and every time I’d walk in the Origins office it was something about how I always felt there. It felt like a close knit family and it just felt right. I love a small boutique environment that works together to make each other stronger and help one another to be successful. I’m so glad I’m here and that I chose Origins.