I highly recommend the “personal service…

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing in support of the management services provided by Tony & Penny James of the Tony James Group/Origins Real Estate.

As a first time landlord I did my homework and explored various management companies. I was instantly impressed with The Tony James Group but due to pressure from friends “In the Industry” and a slight cost savings I initially hired a major brand real estate firm to serve as property manager. It did not take me long to realize that what I saved in cost I paid for in lack of communication and customer service from the larger firm. The larger firm did not seem at all interested in marketing the house so that those seeking properties to rent would find out about the property and there was little to zero communication from the firm about any activities around finding a renter and when I asked for information, the firm responded as if it was a bother to take time to communicate with me.

Usually someone entering into a new type of business transaction (such as being a landlord for the first time) needs MORE communication to feel comfortable and to understand the way the industry works. I instantly realized the mistake I made and separated from the large firm and returned to Tony and Penny and hired them to manage the property. From day one I have been kept informed of all activity and the team has answered all of my questions with a pleasant attitude, no matter how stupid or basic my questions may be. I have always been able to reach Tony or Penny and always get a prompt response to any email or phone call.

I highly recommend the “personal service” of the Tony James Real Estate Group to anyone seeking property management services!


Christine H Odom, President/Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity


“Tony has been a pleasure to work with from day one. He has always gone above and beyond what I ever expected from an agent, sometimes to the point where I felt guilty he was doing so much. He’s made renting out my house easier than I could have imagined and I can’t thank him enough for that.”
T. Jenkins, Atlanta


“Tony James Group was very prompt in helping us manage our home rental when we learned work was transferring us out of state.

Tony James Group was able to meet with us within 48 hours of placing a call to them to set up our
meeting. From our first meeting with Tony and Penny, we knew they were professional, experienced in
residential home rental management and believed we could have a positive relationship.

They have been managing our home for 6 months and very pleased with their service and attention
given to our home. They respond to tenant requests timely and help us achieve a workable solution to
their requests.

I have already recommended Tony to friends looking to rent their residential property – and hope you
strongly consider him to manage your property.”
E. Balukonis, Atlanta

Essentially he handled all the headaches for me…

“I worked with The Tony James Group for several years and had an excellent experience. Living thousands of miles from my property in Hawaii required that I have an experienced property manager with excellent communication and problem solving skills which Tony possesses. Essentially he handled all the headaches for me. I liked how Tony would assess a situation, come up with different solutions, present them to me, and let me decide what to do. I would ask for his recommendation and ultimately he did whatever I decided.

Over the years The Tony James Group handled a wide variety of things for my property such as marketing and screening for new tenants, small and large scale home maintenance, going through the eviction process and becoming my real estate agent when I chose to sell.

During the eviction process The Tony James Group was professional and on top of it. They handled every last detail on my behalf and it relieved an incredible amount of stress for Me. They were awesome.

I also think it’s important to note that the tenants I had were very happy with Tony and I never received a complaint. He always responded in a timely manner and provided excellent service which is important because happy tenants tend to be long term tenants.

When I decided to sell it was an easy transition and no brainer to have Tony as my agent. The property management experience I had with him showed me he was more than qualified and possessed the qualities I wanted in a real estate agent.

If I ever own a property again in Atlanta I would use The Tony James Group.”
S. Lachance, Atlanta